Debi's Cutie Patooties - Childhood is a sweet season
A typical day will start with breakfast, weather, pledge to flag, calendar, special events, sharing time, outside time, lunch time, nap and peace time, play time in the play room, afternoon snack , structured activities, free play, educational TV, videos, movie time, jammie days, picnics, lots of learning in the midst of playing. Communication and Quality Care go hand in hand.  Imagination and creativity along with safety and respect are part of the daily agenda!!!
 : Can you tell me the time?, as it quickly flies by...  : 
Music and Puzzles, Noises and Cuddles!!  : Children are so creative, the best art comes from the mind of a child
 : Pre-School FUN Room : Today's weather is ....always sunny in Patootie Ville!!!Oh for a book and a quiet little nook... : Story time is magic time : Reading, writing, drawing, treats for the mind.
 : Read, Relax, Imagine, Dream....A library is a hospital for the mind. : Never bored when books on board!!Creativity is Always in Patooties Air : Chalk drawing by granddaughter NadiyaHealthy Homemade Whole Foods  : Patooties Kitchen
Nutritious, Yummy, Delicious : Patooties KitchenWelcome to the Playroom : Always time for Play!! : A dream home for children!!!Happy People Play Here : Play room
The shade tree in the corner is a "cool spot" to hang out ! : Play roomWelcome to the Craft Room : School age homework help!!A little room all our own,  to come back to when we roam.... :    The Craft RoomA place for patooties to discover treasures :              The Craft room
Kind of dreamy and Kind of Busy :                The Craft room"Debi Jo" chair designed and painted by my daughter in law Danielle   : Craft room  Patooties Baby Room :     Sweet DreamsLittle sweet and Precious :       Patooties Baby Room
Lullaby - As you sleep, may your dreams be so pleasant... :        Patooties Baby RoomPatooties Bathroom : Find the elf in yourself!!Wash your hands!! : Patooties BathroomDry your hands!! : Patooties Bathroom
Wash, Brush, Floss, Flush : Patooties BathroomLittle feet , tiny and sweet : Patooties Bathroom
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