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Colors are everywhere and if we fail to see them, we will lose all other senses
Our sense of taste in all that is sweet, juicy, salty and spicy will not be present.
  Our hearing will be dull, the sound of music and birds will not have the pitch that "color" our days.  To smell the freshness of a new rainfall and the earthy smell of soil after the rain, will never appeal to us without the presence of color. 
 This all occurred to me as I was putting together my daycare environment.


I lovetreesat this time of the year, when all of the leaves are gone, and theoutline of the branchespaint the sky. I am looking outside at a crabappletreewho is all dressed for winter, her tiny bright orange
applesdecorating every branch.
We as humans get to look at her and appreciate the beauty.  The animals of the trees get to enjoy the fruits of her labor .

One of my favorites when I am driving through the countryside is to VISUALIZE "people" in thetrees. I pass by a family of 

Beautiful Sunny Day in November

This is a childhood pic but missing me and two little brothers, love it nonetheless!!!Ahhh, here it is, already November 3rd and already the feeling of Thanksgiving has captured my senses.  The memories continue to be made every year, and the one that I want to share is all about mom.   I grew up with four brothers and three sisters, and now that I am older I realize all of the personal sacrifices that she and my dad made while raising us.  My mother adored being a mother. She made our home a kidworld and she was the queen!!  I am pretty sure she didnt feel like a queen while were growing up, and I know that us kids never showed much gratitude at the time, but I can't even imagine who or what I might have been without such a wonderful childhood.  My truest joy in life is the memories of growing up with parents who made something from nothing everyday and with brothers and sisters who make me feel so loved.  I am eternally grateful for family, and the children who make our families grow.  My newfound chosen profession as a day care provider for children is opening doors for me to share the wonderful traditions that have been gifted to me - and never ever will I complain about the neverending loads of laundry that go hand in hand with daily chores - hanging out with my mom while the dryer was buzzing and the breeze was blowing back into the house, the smell of clean laundry, has instilled memories that will remain forever!! 

Halloween 2010

October gave a Party, The leaves by hundreds came - The Chestnuts, Oaks and Maples ~ their costumes all aflame.  Miss Weather led the dancing, professor wind the band, the guests were all a flutter,  & danced off hand in hand Aster George Cooperlfat, 
The birthday boy LANDON, ONE Year Old!!Devon, Nadiya, Nevaeh, Amelia and IzzyMother Nature gave us the perfect weather for a "road trip" to Faribault, to celebrate my great nephews 1st Birthday.  My four patootie grand-daughters and I set off for the wild goose chase - we had to be at the party by two, and home again by five o'clock for the BIG Night!

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Beautiful Sunny Day in November
Halloween 2010


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